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11 Best Portable Monitors: Compare & Save



11 Best Portable Monitors: Compare & Save

Best Portable Monitors

Duex Pro

Stroll through any corporate office and you’re sure to see a lot of PCs running two (or more) monitors. Dual monitors make a lot of sense: They add “screen estate” that lets you see a lot more at once, and because they put more programs in view at the same time, they can increase productivity. If you have dual monitors at work but find yourself working from home or traveling with just a single screen, fear not. Of course, you could always add a full-size desktop monitor to your home office, but it’s easy to inexpensively add a portable monitor to your desktop, laptop, or sometimes, even your phone or table as well.  And while it is technically possible to use an iPad as a second monitor (as long as you have a MacBook, that is), it’s hardly the best possible portable monitor experience. You’re better off getting a monitor designed expressly for that purpose.

There are a lot of portable monitors to choose from, and picking the right one can make the difference between choosing a monitor that sort-of works and one that’ll delight you and ramp up your productivity. Read on for our take on the 11 best portable monitors, and scroll to the end for general advice on how to pick a portable display for your needs.

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