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11 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC



11 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC

Gamer using a wireless headset

123RF (Dean Drobot) Gamer playing at a PC using a wireless headset.

When it comes to gaming, audio is all too often an afterthought. The difference between good and bad graphics is easy to see, and that means many gamers race to have the best video card they can afford. But don’t neglect your audio — you might not realize it right away, but a poor sound system can ruin the gaming experience just as thoroughly as bad visuals. Indistinct dialog can make it hard to follow the action; anemic bass can ruin your sense of immersion, and sketchy surround sound means you may have trouble knowing where your enemies are. And in case you’re wondering, gamers have been debating whether surround sound is important in gaming for decades. The verdict is in: It is, even if it’s just virtual surround.

The shortest path to great sound is often a gaming headset, and the ultimate in convenience is a wireless gaming headset. Wireless headsets have come a long, long way in the last few years. These days, a good pair of wireless headphones can sound amazing, and give you the comfort and convenience you need from something you’ll probably wear on your head for hours at a time. There are a lot of headphones out there competing for your gaming dollars, and knowing which is best isn’t always obvious. I’ve rounded up the 11 best wireless gaming headphones for your gaming needs.

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