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7 Best Triple Monitor Stands Available Now (2020)



7 Best Triple Monitor Stands Available Now (2020)

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There was a time when having three monitors on your desk made you look like you were flying the space shuttle, but these days it’s not uncommon to have two or three displays. That’s especially true if you’re a programmer or creative who needs to run multiple programs at once, while still keeping email, chat, a web browser, and project management dashboard visible all the same time. If this sounds like you, you know that just lining up three displays on your desk is a recipe for failure. Not only does such an arrangement eat up way too much desk space, but the ergonomics are disastrous. You need to be able to position those monitors at the right height to avoid back and shoulder problems that’ll send you to the doctor.

What you need is a monitor stand — one that can accommodate all three of your monitors at once. That might sound easy, but there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing one. To make your monitor stand shopping experience a little bit simpler, I’ve rounded up the best three-monitor stands available today. At the end of the article, I also explain what you need to know to shop for one of these devices.

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