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8 Best Flight Sticks: Compare & Save



8 Best Flight Sticks: Compare & Save

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123rf/Ian Allenden Close Up Of Joystick In Helicopter Cockpit

There was a time, it seemed when joysticks were absolutely essential gaming gear for every PC gamer. In those days, there was an abundance of flight simulators, space shooters, and other action games that demanded keeping a joystick on your desktop. Times have changed — there aren’t nearly as many of those kinds of games anymore. But they’re still around. If you have an appetite for flight sims like X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator, or space sims like Elite: Dangerous, a joystick is still an essential accessory.

Whether you are a hardcore sim fanatic who wants to accurately model the cockpit of a modern fighter jet or someone with a more casual approach to flying, it’s hard to enjoy a space – or air-based game with a mouse and keyboard. But which joystick is right for you? To make your decision a little easier, I have rounded up the 8 best flight sticks and joysticks. After looking at easy one, check out the end of this article, where I recommend which one you should choose depending upon what kind of gamer you are, and suggest how to choose the right flight stick if you’re shopping for yourself.

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