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Seven People Found Murdered in Burning Home in Alabama



Seven People Found Murdered in Burning Home in Alabama

Morgan County Sheriff Department/Facebook

Morgan County Deputies Investigate the murder of seven adults in a home in Valhermoso Springs, Alabama

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a mass homicide after finding seven people dead in a home that was on fire in Northern Alabama. The victims were all shot to death, investigators say.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Facebook Page, deputies responded to a calls of reports of gunshots in the 500 block of Talacuh Rd in Valhermoso Springs, a town south of Huntsville at 11:23 pm. Thursday night.

Local news station WAAY 31 reported that the county 911 director said calls from two different neighbors came in to report that they had heard intermittent gunshots going off for about an hour.

WHNT in Huntsville said deputies found the house on fire when they arrived, but were able to extinguish the flames. Once inside, they discovered the bodies of four men, three women and a dog.

Names of the Victims Nor Any Identifying Information Have Been Released & Police Say the “Horrific Scene” Will Take Many Hours To Process

WAAY 31 reported some of the victims were shot multiple times, and investigators were talking to a family member to try to get more information. They also said off-road vehicles were being brought in but it wasn’t clear what they were going to be used for.

“It is a horrific scene and to be able to process it will take some time,” Mike Swafford with the Morgan County Sherrif’s Office told WAAY 31.

“We have called in assistance from the Madison County Sheriff’s Crime Scene Unit, they’ll partner with ours to process the scene,” Swafford said. “Our agencies are very capable but any time there are multiple bodies, it is a substantial task, so we’ll be out here for the rest of the night and most of tomorrow.”

This is the Second Time Multiple Victims Have Been Shot to Death in Morgan County in Two Weeks

Morgan County Sheriff Spokesperson Swafford told WAAY 31, “We don’t have a motive at this time. We don’t have a determined suspect at this time. Investigators are following leads to piece together exactly what happened and who was involved. We can say we don’t believe there is an active threat to anybody in the area.”

Swafford said “This doesn’t happen in Morgan County. We had a triple homicide two weeks ago and I think that’s the first anyone can remember in 20 plus years so to have seven is substantial.”

According to crime rate statistics for Morgan County, violent crime is slightly higher at 23.1% than the national rate, which is 22.7%. For the town of Valhermoso Springs, the violent crime rate is a bit higher than the overall county rate at 26.2%.

Another mass shooting happened on May 25 when police say a man killed his estranged wife and two other people she was with at the couple’s home. A fourth person was shot but survived, according to WHNT. The suspect, Carson Peters had tried to get away but was caught within hours and charged with capital murder, according to the Associated Press.

Heavy has reached out to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for more information.

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