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Who Won Sean Lowe’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’?



Why Sean Lowe Was Celibate When Filming ‘The Bachelor’

Who Won Sean Lowes Season?

ABC/Rick Rowell

In the first episode of ABC’s replacement for The Bachelor, The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable Seasons – Ever!, fans will be reliving Sean Lowe’s season of the show.

WARNING: Spoilers for Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor follow. 

The winner of Sean’s season was Catherine Giudici, now Catherine Lowe. The season started much like any other, and Catherine hadn’t even been a front-runner at the start. However, when the couple connected, they knew it was special.

The two often reminisce about the season of the show, and they feel lucky that they found each other. Sean recently shared a photo of the couple’s proposal on Instagram.

“Tomorrow night, my entire season is airing in a condensed 3 hour format for Bachelor G.O.A.T. Really excited to share my journey with you all,” he wrote. “Also excited to get that 15 minutes of fame back I’ve desperately been searching for for the past seven years. No spoilers please.”

Sean and Catherine are Still Together

The couple got married in 2014 after getting engaged during the final rose ceremony on the show, which took place in 2012.

Their wedding was The Bachelor franchise’s first-ever live TV wedding. During the wedding, Sean’s father said that their love had “been an epic fairy-tale, on display for all the world to see.”

Lowe was the first Bachelor contestant in 17 seasons to marry the woman he proposed to. Sean was a “born-again virgin” during his season, having become celibate at the age of 24, and he and Catherine waited until they were married to have s3x.

The Bachelor leaned into that fact during the wedding, showing a small video thumbnail on the bottom of the screen that was live streaming from the Honeymoon Suite during the wedding.

Catherine and Sean Have Three Children

Now, Sean and Catherine have three children together. They welcomed Samuel in 2016, Thomas in 2018 and Mia in 2019. Before Mia came along, Sean expressed his desire to have another child.

“I love having two kids…” he said. “But I would like to try to see if we could get a little girl that looks like momma.”

They often share photos of their family on Instagram, with Sean posting cute snaps of him and the children.

One photo shows Samuel and Thomas taking a bath and is captioned, “These are the moments I’ll never forget. Mostly because the little one pooped in the tub shortly after taking this picture.”

On Mother’s Day, Catherine posted a thank you message to all the mothers that have helped her over the years.

“This Mother’s Day I want to thank all the women who have helped me become the mommy I am. (That for sure includes women who’ve wanted to become mothers too, of course,)” she wrote. “I feel so grateful to be in the club of moms who have this amazing responsibility of raising future leaders, future caretakers, future mothers and fathers. Thank you to my children for challenging me every second and to my own mommy for being so strong and raising three strong women.”

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